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What kind of works can I register?

Any kind of work, document of file can be registered at Safe Creative, however you must be aware that not all works are protected by copyright laws. According to the World International Property Organization’s Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works copyright include:

Literary works: articles, tales, novels, essays, posts, electronic pages, etc.

Dramatic and audiovisual works: movies, animations, theater, short films, etc.

Musical works: musical compositions, phonographic productions, scores, etc.

Artistic works: drawings, paintings, designs, three-dimensional models, sculpture, engravings,
lithographies, comics, photography, etc.

Databases and software (in some legislations): the code (whatever format) and their manuals and related technical documents, graphics and description modules.


Why can't we register brands, inventions, trade names, ideas, projects, methods, etc?

Trademarks are not artistic, literary or scientific creations (works protected by copyright), but words, symbols, devices or names used for commercial purposes.

To obtain a trademark or a trade name, an administrative procedure must be followed through an official body and the corresponding fee must be paid, similar to what must be done to register a patent, and it is granted for a limited period of time. Read more.

Safe Creative is not a site to register social, economic, festivals, learning methods, concepts, events, etc. projects. Those would be considered ideas by themselves and are excluded to generate copyrights by local copyright laws and international agreements.

When we talk about “projects” in authorship rights contexts we are talking about, for instance, buildings’ blueprints. Read more.


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