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Why is it better to register intellectual property rights in Safe Creative?

Intellectual property registries do not grant rights: the author of a creative work has all of them, moral and patrimonial, without having to register (Berne Convention). However, it is highly advisable to register your work before "moving it", to have a first proof of the authorship established. It is important to do it before publishing your work, sending previous versions and also to be able to offer guarantee of provenance to your clients. You will always have the best proof in time against whoever else wants to attribute it and illicitly benefit from your effort.


Advantages of the digital registration in Safe creative

  • The proof of authorship is not based on the presumption of veracity of a public servant, but on the technological evidence that constitutes the identification of the work with three different cryptographic fingerprints, and of the date by the application of a qualified timestamp redundant with a daily audit process on blockchain
  • International validity: The expertise examination of technological evidences is valid in the jurisdictions of all the Berne Convention signatory countries and recognized by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).
  • 24x7 ubiquitous online operation, providing any format of file that allows identifying the work.



The proof and registration information is permanently valid

The registration in Safe Creative provides(1) two sets of evidences that the author can retain indefinitely to defend her os his rights, because those elements are of permanent validity, whether the user stays active in Safe Creative or not.

  • Proof of authorship: The electronic file containing the work, the three cryptographic fingerprints that prove the content and its integrity irrefutably, the double time stamp, which corroborates the date and time of the registration of the rights and audit of all these elements in the blockchain. This proof will always confirm the integrity of all the data registered in any expert examination procedure.
  • Authorship and registered rights certificates: Documents in which Safe Creative certifies the details of the information and the registration process generated. The electronic signature of the same guarantees their authenticity and permanent validity.


Online information page.
Safe Creative displays on a public web page the details of the information registered(2) if the registrations are made indicating that the information is public.

Obtaining unlimited certificates, files, tests with active professional services.
While the professional services are active, you can download the registration proofs, certificates and the registered file themselves as many times as you need. 

The best technology for all records and all users.
The technological elements that we use; Triple fingerprinting, redundant time stamping with an approved external service, and Ethereum auditing apply to all registrations, regardless of the type of account the user had at the moment.


(1) The proofs and registration certificates can be downloaded for all express registrations and those made from any subscription account, or by updating to a subscription account if the registration had been made using an amateur account.

(2) Maintenance of the extended publication of the online information page is one year for express registrations and continued for the duration of the account for subscription account registrations.


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