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URL: Register works shown in a webpage address or link

Registration by link allows you to generate a PDF document with what is displayed at a public and static address of a web page.

Once the address is given, our systems will open the web page to take a PDF snapshot of everything is to be seen by default, for example an article with a text with or without images.

* It is not possible to register works for which it is necessary to login to a service in order to access them. Nor does it allow you to register dynamic content, such as videos or audios.

* If the link is a file download, it will not work either. In that case, download the file locally and register it manually.

* If the page is configured to show cookie warnings, subscriptions, overlay advertising or to be shown differently according to the region, the generated PDF may not show exactly what you want to register. Once you check the preview you can go forward or backward and delete the generated PDF from the list.


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