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How do I register a work?

Firs you need to have your account verified and a file containing the work in you computer.
Log into your account and go to "Register". The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Upload your file.

  • Select the type of work you want to register: Literary, photography, music...
  • Upload the file containing the work (you might upload several files with several works of the same type) by exploring your computer or dragging the file directly from your computer into the window (in case of sculptures you might upload three different images of it from different angles together with a description of the materials, dimensions, etc.; in case of projects upload the complete description, the blueprint, etc.)
  • Once the file is uploaded hit "continue".

Step 2: Complete work's information.

  • Title of the work (can be taken directly from the file's name)
  • Optionally you might write a small description of the work, enough to clarify what work you're registering.
  • You might add tags to later locate and or describe the work.
  • Select the type of rights declaration you want to link your work to.
  • Opt for a type of registration you want (private; nobody will see any information of it, public; without download of the file with the work that only will give registration information, or public with download with either the original file or the file with copyright information depending on the type of file).
  • Hit "continue" to step 3.

Step 3: Authorship / Rights.

  • Declare if you're the author and therefore claim both moral and patrimonial rights.
  • If coauthors exist and you have a professional account you might add inscriptions to add them providing the emails stating, if need, the authorship percentage for each. Corporate accounts can declare rights licensed from works of or from other authors.
  • Clic on "Register" if you have all set or "Save as unfinished" if you still plan on making some key changes in the title, file containing the work or user identification. 




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