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How to add co-authors

A work may have been created by two or more authors.

In Safe Creative it is possible to incorporate new authors in a work so that they appear in the information and certificates page.

The author who invites the other co-authors to register their co-authorship must have at least an active subscription or using a non-subscription user contracting the professional services for that registration.

These are the steps to add co-owners/co-authors:

1.- Login to the professional account

2.- Locate the work in " REGISTRATIONS ".

3.- Click on the registration and enter "Authorship and rights" (among the options).

4.- Click on "Invite to add inscription".

Enter the e-mail addresses of the co-authors to invite them to confirm their authorship, which they can do either having a subscripition or a basic free of charge non-subscription user.

6.- Indicate whether the co-authors will be authorized to make changes to the registration or not.

7.- Click on “Add rights holders".

An e-mail will be sent to each address that has been included, with a link to confirm authorship. Once confirmed, the co-authorship information will appear on the registration information page of the work.

For multiple works, this can be done by selecting multiple records and checking "Manage Selected". The system is the same, from the "Invite to add inscription" option.


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