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Safe Creative, the largest online intellectual property registry, provides you with irrefutable technological proof of the registration of your creations and the consequent protection of your rights.
Agreement of Bern - UN.

International validity: The expertise of the technological evidence is valid in the jurisdictions of all the signatory countries of the Berne Convention and recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Proof of registration is permanently valid: Registration in Safe Creative provides two pieces of evidence that the author can keep indefinitely to defend their rights, because they are permanently valid.

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the copyright of your work

Upload the file
Select the type of work to register and upload the file that contains or identifies it.
Record Details
Indicates title, author and rights of the work.
Time Stamping and Fingerprinting
Safe Creative certifies the exact moment of registration of the file and its content.
Certification and information
You now have your evidence to protect and inform about your rights.

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All proofs generated in SafeCreative are permanently valid

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Register specific works with all rights reserved and registration certificates from USD 20.

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You can register your works using free licenses with our account without subscription.


Protection and Information

Protect your creations from plagiarism or improper use and inform about your rights.

All kinds of works and licenses

Text, image, sound, visual arts...
With all rights reserved or open licenses: Creative Commons, GNU, or custom.

Useful and Immediate

Automated registration from Google Drive, Dropbox, RSS... Registration of your creative process.

International Protection

Registration process with recognized legal validity in all signatory countries of the Berne Convention and International Intellectual Property Agreements.


Enter the Creators community, the platform that allows you to show your work and sell the rights you configure for it in just a few steps. In addition, at the end of the purchase process, a license document in PDF or NFT format will be generated that will provide complete security to the transaction made. Integrate Creators into your creative process, it will cost you very little.

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