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Subscriptions and services

You can register your works
using free licenses
with our no suscription account.

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Register a single work with
all rights reserved
and registration certificates.

Single registration

from USD 20 / registration

Unlimited registrations with
all rights reserved
and advanced services.

Professional subscription

USD 90 /year

Register on behalf of your clients
and register exploitation rights.
With multiuser access.

Business subscription

USD 384 /year

How it works

Upload file

Upload file

Select the type of work you wish to register and upload a file that contains or serves to identify it.

Registry details

Registry details

Indicate the title, author and copyrights of the work.

Timestamp and digital fingerprint

Timestamp and
digital fingerprint

Safe Creative certifies the exact moment of the registration as well as the file’s content.

Certification and Information

Certification and Information

Now, you have a piece of evidence to protect and inform about your copyrights at your disposal.

  • Andy Ramos Gil de la Haza

    Intellectual Property & IT
    Bardaji & Honrado abogados

    I have been using Safe Creative on behalf of our customers and as a personal tool for over five years. They provide an agile service, reliable, and for a reasonable price. Additionally, their new Safe Stamper features allow us to attest to events taking place on the Internet that impact our customers.
  • Rubén G.Herrera

    Production Manager

    I have been managing all kind of copyright procedures for over 10 years, without a single issue. Safe Creative is the absolute reference and the most reliable copyright protection platform I have ever known.
  • Juan José García-Andrade

    Managing Partner at Visualiza Legal

    An essential tool to protect intangible assets from third parties. I would emphasize the speed at which works can be registered, and the excellence of the generated certificates, in terms of judicial evidence. It provides us with indispensable utilities for the daily work of our firm’s counsels, particularly in the online world.
  • Martin Guerber

    Music & Content Manager at Jamendo

    Safe Creative and Jamendo have both been around for 10 years, and share the same DNA about helping out music authors share their creations the right way. Safe Creative just makes it so much easier to protect digital music works and helps our artists feel safer with sharing their music online.
  • Daniel Arjona

    A really easy to use tool package. As a lawyer, I frequently use Safe Stamper to certify emails and web content. It's convenient and inexpensive. I also recommend my clients to register their projects before they show them to anyone else.
  • Oliver Ibáñez (OliPop)

    Artist and Graphic Designer

    Now, thanks to the tools that Safe Creative provides, it is much easier for me to make claims against unfair use, and also more effective to present evidence.I believe that when there is a third party involved, like a company, copyright offenders take claims more seriously.
  • Iván Martí

    Weeboo Design

    Safe Creative isn’t just an excellent tool for the self-management of copyrights; useful, efficient, and easy to use. It is also a way of life and a mindset, coherent and suited for the digital culture.
  • Pablo Burgueño

    Lawyer and co-founder of Abanlex

    At Abanlex we regard Safe Creative as one of the most trustworthy and adequate solutions to register digital documents online. We use the service to provide our clients with an efficient and fast means to obtain digital certificates of their works, so they can prove they owned a certain creation in that particular time.

Working with

Certification services for emails and web pages.

You may certify the sending of original works and documents, or demonstrate the publication of content on a website.

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