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What is the ISAN code?

The ISAN code is a voluntary numbering system, similar to the ISBN used for publishing or the ISWC for musical tracks, for the identification of audiovisual works. Each ISAN code identifies a unique audiovisual work and remains unchanged throughout the life of the work, regardless of language, format or use that is given to it. The ISAN code is a unique reference number, permanent and internationally recognized for audiovisual works identification.

It’s a tool that improves the management and operations of the global audiovisual industry and its use as a simple and unambiguous reference to the work is used by many organizations, including the Property Registry of Spain.

It is a 24-digit numeric code divided into three parts:
Root: identifies the audiovisual work.
Episode: identifies the parts of a serial work.
Version: Identifies the versions of a work.

Example: 0000811F 0000-0000 0000-0000

Its purpose is to identify any audiovisual work by assigning a universal code. This unique identification allows a more efficient management of the entire audiovisual industry in global operations.

The ISAN code is assigned by ARIBSAN under the authorization of ISAN-IA, which is responsible for the global ISAN system administration, and appointed by ISO as the registration authority for ISAN Standard. ARIBSAN is the registration agency authorized to manage and process ISAN codes of audiovisual works.

Any person or entity may request an ISAN code. It is intended for audiovisual industry professionals, producers, writers, broadcasters, distributors, advertisers, etc., and any organization or other entity representative of the industry sector.

The ISAN code assigned to a work, does not in any way constitute a proof of ownership or authorship of the work.



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