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What is Safe Creative’s NFT generation service?

NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are cryptographic elements registered in Blockchain that represent a unique element. By being registered in Blockchain you can trace its ownership and all previous transfers of ownership that have been made.

From Safe Creative you can create NFTs* that represent transferable private use licenses of your registered work.

Safe Creative uses the Ethereum network to generate blockchain tokens associated with your copyrighted work. We also use ipfs.io to guarantee the rights information about the work obtained through the NFT.

To create your NFTs you need MetaMask with an ETH. You don't need ETH balance to create your NFTs. You will approve its creation when you sign with your wallet, but it will not take effect until the NFT is sold for the first time. When the NFT is sold, you will receive the sale price in your wallet, minus the NFT creation and Rarible marketplace fees.

The NFTs that are created will be automatically visible on Rarible, where you can log in with the MetaMask wallet to put them up for sale or auction.


*Service in beta phase.


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