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How do I generate NFTs from my registrations?

You don't need ETH balance to create your NFTs. You will approve its creation when you sign with your ETH wallet in MetaMask, but it will not take effect until the NFT is sold for the first time. When the NFT is sold, you will receive the sale price in your wallet, minus the NFT creation and Rarible marketplace fees.

With MetaMask installed and with ETH, you can follow the steps in our wizard from a record in "Services" to create your NFT.  Please note that some processes take several minutes or even hours to complete and update.

  • Go to the specific record for which you want to generate an NFT.
  • Click "Create NFT".
  • Select the specific characteristics for that NFT: a) whether it will be exclusive (you will not be able to make more NFTs of that work) or not, b) number of copies of a print run (by default it will be one), and c) if the NFT is sold to a third party, what royalty commission you get as the original owner of the work (from 0 to 30% of the sale amount).
  • Click on "Create NFT". You must confirm the transaction with MetaMask.
  • In a few seconds or minutes the NFT will be generated!

Once the NFT has been generated you can click on the "View NFT in Rarible" button where you can put it up for sale or auction. The data in Rarible can take up to two or three hours to be updated.

The "View NFT license document" button takes you to a non-modifiable page detailing what license rights to the work are given to the NFT holder representing the work. There is also a link so that only the owner of the NFT can download the file with the work.

In your account under "Services - NFTs" there is a list of all the NFTs you have generated.



* Service in beta phase.

**You can use static images, mp3 and mp4 files that will be accesible from the marketplaces.


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