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Can I register a blog?

When talking about registering a blog we can talk about two different issues:

1.- Register the blog itself: the design template, drawings or images, code, structure… In this case, the registered work to be protected is the very blog.

2.- The contents published in the blog: in this case the blog is only the publishing media. The work that has to be registered to protect and inform about author’s rights are the posts, as literary works. To register your posts you can use our automatic feed registration.

1.- Registration of a blog as a work
In the first case, it is possible that only the graphical elements or design templates are wanted to be registered. In this case a file containing the template with the images and the rest of the components of the work should be uploaded.
Making the registration it can be stated under the “artistic” category as electronic pages and multimedia.
If the development of the blog also includes the programing code, it can also be registered all together as “software project”, or there can be a registration for the project itself and another registration for the design.
It’s not specially relevant to choose one or other denomination, for the work gets registered and stored anyway, and this classification is aimed to provide some orientation for the search and query features.

2.- Registration of the posts of a blog
The second option is that the work to be registered is not the blog itself, but the contents in it. The blog is a publishing platform, where one or various authors might publish and not all the posts might have the same license. It is also possible that an author publishes an article in a blog and later publishes the same article, for instance, in a magazine, a book or any other media.

In this case, the posts are the ones to be protected or identified with the registration tag to inform about the rights.
They can be registered each one individually as they are written, or all of them together included in documents or files…

Once registered, the specific html code of the registration can be added to the post linking it this way to Safe Creative’s information page.

To use this feature do as follows:


  • Lo into your account
  • Go to “Services – Automatic registrations – Registration feeds”
  • Click on “+Add a new work feed”
  • Follow the wizard’s instructions




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